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How To Trade P2P on ABiTrader


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ABiTrader is currently the fastest place to buy and sell tatcoin.

This guide will show you everything that has to do with trading P2P on ABiTrader so that you can easily trade on the Platform.

We are going to run through.

1) Verification

2) Creating a Buy/Sell Order

3) Filling a Buy Sell/Order

4) How Rates Work

5) Buying and Selling with Internal Withdrawals

It is important that you take out time to read this article so that you know how the platform really works.


There are some limitations for new accounts on the ABiTrader platforms due to platform realities, however you can scale through these limitations easily by going through vendor verification.

The verification process is easily and once completed you will be able to trade faster and with larger amount

To start, click on the Sidebar Icon and select "Become A TAT Vendor" from the list of options, follow the instructions on the next page to complete the verification process.

It is Important that you note the following:

* Any of the verification Card/Document listed on the page is accepted, including the temporary NIN Card.

* Ensure that you take your pictures in a well lit place, go outdoors if your house is dark (It is best if you get someone to snap you)

* Ensure that both your face and you picture on your identity document is clear. The Card/Document number too needs to be clear.

*You won’t get verified if your picture does not meet all these specifications, it is best you do it properly.

It is best that you complete this verification before you start making attempts to trade P2P, this will give you a better experience.

Buy/Sell Orders

There are two ways to buy or sell on the ABiTrader Platform:

a) Making use of existing Buy or Sell Orders. (Top Buttons)

b) Creating your own Buy or Sell Orders. (Main Menu Button)

The first is fast, but you would have to make use of the rates set by those buying or selling.

Also if you are selling, you cannot sell more than 1000 Tatcoin using this method, you would have to create a Sell Order.

If you are selling 1000 Tatcoin or below, and you are satisfied with the rate and payment method of existing listed trades then you can proceed.

if you are buying Tatcoin, you can trade using this method easily and securely using Escrow.

During Escrow trades, ensure never to do the following;

1) Click on Release Coin when you haven't received and confirmed payments, this might lead to loss of funds.

2) Click on I have paid when you haven't, you account will be barred for 14 days if you are reported.

Never start trades if you don't have money on ground to send.
Creating your Buy or Sell Orders gives you the flexibility to determine your own rate, but make sure that you have gone through the verification process

Buying/Selling from/To exiting Orders

The "How It Works" section on the top of the page gives you a brief of how to complete other important App tasks. It is Important that you also go through it.

To trade with existing P2P orders, click on the Buy or Sell orders. Click on Peer To Peer and you would be taken to the list of orders.

Click on Peer To Peer and you would be taken to the list of orders.

For every potential trade, there are a list of details about the buyer/seller. 

Most importantly you have to look out for the following.

* Min/Max Limit: this is the minimum and maximum amount that the person is willing to trade, don't start the trade if you don't have up to that amount. 

However, you can buy in bits if no one Maximum limit is up to the amount that you want to buy.

For example, if you want to trade Tatcoin worth #750,000 and no one Minimum or Maximum limit is up to that, you can run more than one trade to get to your amount, or better still create your own order.

Rate: this is the amount that the person is willing to trade with, it is important to pay attention to this as people can set their own rate.

if Tatcoin is selling at 50 Naira and someone chooses to sell his at the rate of 55 Naira, they are allowed to do so, so only enter a trade if you are satisfied with the rate.

Payment Method: this is the person's preferred way of receiving payment, don't choose a payment method that you don't have access to.

Rating and Last Seen: if a trader has so many Dislikes, then you might reconsider trading with them, also check for the person's last seen, you can call them on phone to confirm availability before starting the trade.

The video below gives more steps on how P2P Trades work.

Create Your Own Order

If you are not satisfied with the rates on the list or trade or want to trade using different parameters, you can go ahead and create your own Buy Or Sell Trade.

One you click on the Buy/Sell Option it would take you to the order creation page.

You can then go ahead to set your order type, the token you. want to trade, your transactional currency and also your payment method.

Once you click Next, you will be taken to the Price page from where you can set your Minimum and Maximum limit, and also the rate (you can use the current rate or set yours).

Once you click Next, you will be taken to the page where you can state your order terms.

You can make use of the Sample term below:

Only start a trade if you have funds on ground. Call me before you start the trade.

You can choose to make your trade local or global. 

Once you click Next, your trade will be added to the Queue. If you are verified vendor, you will get a faster approval time.

Getting Approved

Once you set an Order, you will be able to track it from the Order Book. 

The status will be listed as WAITING and once it is approved it would be listed as OPEN and you would be able to see it in the list of market orders.

Internal Withdrawals

Only carry out Internal Withdrawals with people that you trust.

If you want to trade with someone that you don't trust make use of Escrow.

Internal withdrawal takes 12-24 to get approved. 

Escrow trades are Instant

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can't find my Coins after My Trade Expired. Where did it go ?

Answer: if an Escrow Trade times out without payment, you can delete the order if you are selling Tatcoin. if you are a buyer and have paid, click on "I have paid". if the seller refuses to release the coin, an Admin will join the chat and resolve the issue.

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