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Tatcoin is the biggest utility token to have ever come out of Africa.

This guide would be taking you through the different ways by which you can purchase Tatcoin. Tatcoin is currently listed on four exchanges.





You can also deposit Naira into your ABiTNetwork account and swap it right there for Tatcoin.

Below are ways by which you can buy Tatcoin across different platforms.(Easiest for beginners)

ABiTNetwork (Easiest Option)

You can make a Naira deposit on ABiT Network and then proceed to swap it for Tatcoin.

At the moment, the least amount of Naira that you can swap for Tatcoin is #10,000 Naira.

You can deposit Naira and swap it for Tatcoin by going through the following steps.

Visit and click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the page to show the menu tray.

Click on register to create an account or login in you already have an account.

If you are opening an account of the first time, input you best email address and go through the account opening process.

After you have created your account you can now proceed to the next step.

There are four wallets in every ABiT Network account, Bitcoin (BTC), Tatcoin (TAT), Naira (NGN) and Ethereum (ETH).

You would making use of the Naira wallet for deposits. Every Naira Wallet comes with a Providus Bank account number that is unique to you.

Your full name is the account name and you would see an account number right under your account name.

This is the bank account number that you would be transferring or depositing your Naira to.

One you have deposited your naira, the amount would reflect in your Naira Wallet, then you can now proceed to swap it for Tatcoin.

Click on the quick swap button and the converter widget would open.

Set your From currency to NGN and your To currency to Tatcoin and then input the amount of Naira that you would love to swap.

Currently the least amount of Naira that you can swap is #10,000.

It’s important to note that the speed of the Swap depends on the Ethereum network and it is not controlled by ABiT Network, so always exercise patience when the swap is taking longer to execute.

Once the swap is done, you would see the amount of Tatcoin that you swapped your Naira for in your Tatcoin Wallet.

How To Buy Tatcoin On Bidesk

The video below gives a rundown of how you can buy Tatcoin on Bidesk using Bitcoin.

If you have only Naira, you can make use of ABiT Network instead.

How To Buy Tatcoin on IDEX

The video below shows how to buy Tatcoin on IDEX.

This is the best option for those who are familiar with Decentralised exchanges.

If the video isn't loading on your device, watch with this link 

How To Buy Tatcoin On Bitfxt

The video below shows how to buy Tatcoin on the Bitfxt platform

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