How To Stake Tatcoin and Earn APR


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There is a provision on ABiTNetwork where Tatcoin holders can stake a 12% APR (Annual Appreciation rate.

The APR is paid monthly (1%)

The process is quite easy. if you own Tatcoin and you would love to stake it, proceed to the stake section on

Select the currency (you can stake TATN and Naira too) that you want to stake and duration.

Also enter the amount that you would love to stake and hit the "Stake Now" button.

The Tatcoin would be staked for the duration period and you would earn 1% on it monthly (12% yearly)

Important Information About APR

Always wait 24 hours after your APR is due before making a complaint that you didn't receive it.

We have noticed many complaint from people who expect the APR before it is due. 

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